Alien Invasion - Synopsis.

A game of hidden identity with the following plot: Aliens disguised as Humans have infiltrated Earth! Elon-Tusk, a prominent scientist is Earth's only hope but Tusk needs 3 "Space rocks" of a special kind to kill the aliens.
So Humans, Tusk need to put together missions to successfully get 3 of 5 space rocks to win.

Aliens need to sabotage the space rock missions Or, find the real identity of Elon Tusk & kill him to win.

Part 1: Every one is assigned a secret role

Goal in the game is to find out who the other players are while concealing your own identity, and use that information to win over the opposing team.

Human - Team Humans

Doesn't know anyone's identity except his/her own. Goals: make 3 of 5 space rock missions succeed.

Elon Tusk - Team Humans

Has a device to know real identities of everyone. Goals: make missions succeed without revealing own identity to the Aliens.

Alien - Team Aliens(Duh)

Pretends to be a human - knows identities of other aliens. Goals: sabotage 3 of 5 space rock missions or find Elon Tusk & kill him.

Part 2: Discuss & decide on whom to send on a mission.

For every space rock mission, all People in the game discuss to figure out who to send on a mission, this is the crux of the game.

1. Humans try to send only humans on the mission coz even one Alien can sabotage a mission.

2. Aliens try and trick humans into sending them on the mission in order to sabotage it.

3. Elon-Tusk knows who the real humans are but he needs to be careful not to reveal his identity, else aliens will win.

Part 3: Secretly help or sabotage a mission!

Let's say 3 people were sent on a mission and let's say the group consists of 1 Human and 2 Aliens. Now these 3 will be asked to choose between helping a mission and sabotaging it, No one will know who voted for what. Here's an eg:

Human- Helps mission

coz obviously the human needs this mission to succeed, so there is no need to choose otherwise.

Alien 1- Sabotages it

coz, he wants to make this mission fail and since no one can find who sabotaged, why not?

Alien 2- Helps it

coz, this alien is sneaky, he wants people to think there is just 1 alien in the 3 & mislead them.

Note: The players will only know that the mission failed coz 2 helped, 1 sabotaged and not who did what. The idea is to use this information to guess who the aliens might be and put together better teams for the further missions to succeed !

To summarize - There will be 5 such missions in total

Humans + Elon Aim to successfully complete 3 of 5 missions And make sure the Aliens don't find who Elon Tusk is.


Aliens need to try and sabotage 3 of 5 missions Or find who Elon Tusk is and kill him to win the game.