Successfully added, Check Slack.

Lounge is all about loveable remote culture! Congratz on getting that for your team. I have messaged you on Slack, Ciao there!

Catch-up with your team over fun games & experiences!

Playful Avatars, fun games, unique experiences & more is now available for your team on your Slack Workspace.

Here's how it works.

Add us to your slack workspace

Step 1 : You can do it from the home section of this website or directly from the slack app directory.

You should see a screen like this, allow Lounge

As soon as you can click on add to slack, you will be taken to a page like this, please click on the "Allow" button.

Type `/lounge invite` on a Slack channel to start

Just type `/lounge invite` on any team channel like general, random or maybe create a new channel for fun stuff and invite us there.

Host fun games & experiences from Slack

Host from our collection by typing `/lounge experiences`, You can either host right away or schedule for a future date & time.

Create excitement with Auto announcements

Clear explanations, how to plays, a beautiful announcement message with an option to RSVP, so you can be an awesome host with minimal effort!

Follow ups & Reminders Automated on Slack

It's not enough if you simply announce once, the team needs reminders and follow ups. So we take care of these well and your team can join these games with a click, right from Slack. No downloads! No Logins!