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Lounge is all about loveable remote culture! Congratz on getting that for your team. I have messaged you on Slack, Ciao there!

Gather your team on Lounge

Catch up with your team in a fun virtual space with Built-in audio, Quirky Avatars & more.

Hop around game rooms and meet people.

Start multiple game rooms,  join an ongoing game, spectate. Just drop in to the Lounge, hop-around and meet new people.

Catch-up, make new connections over fun games

Remember the office common area with Foosball tables, Pingpong? Well Lounge is the digital equivalent, Choose from a list of games designed to bring people together.

Seamlessly works on mobile & desktop!

It's not really a "Happy hour" if you are forced to sit in front of a desktop. No Logins, No clunky Apps, Just use link & join via browser.