Werewolf - Gameplay

In Werewolf, each player takes on the role of a Werewolf, a Villager, a Doctor or a Seer. The werewolves know other werewolves, every one else just knows his/her own identity.

The game has 2 modes - a day mode and a night mode, The game begins with a night mode.

During the night mode:

The werewolves can secretly kill one of the villagers.
The doctor can choose to save anyone else from getting killed for that night.
The seer can find out if a given player belongs to the werewolf team or the villager's team.

If the werewolves killed a person who wasn't saved by the Doctor then, If a player gets killed then he/she is not allowed to participate in the game anymore, except for casual chit-chat that doesn't give away any information related to the game.

During the day mode:

All the alive people discuss & vote to kill a person, the goal of the villager's team would be to try and eliminate the werewolves.
The goal of the werewolves would be to deceive the villagers into thinking that they are part of the villager's team and get them to vote to kill a village team member.


The game alternates between night mode, a day mode until one of the teams win.

The villagers win if they kill all werewolves. The werewolves win if they kill enough villagers so that the numbers are even. (Example: Two werewolves and two villagers remain in the game)

Roles in Werewolf

There are two teams in the game: 1. Team Werewolf - Werewolves belong to this team. 2. Team Villagers - Doctor, Seer & villagers belong to this team.


Werewolves know who other werewolves are. During night the can kill a person secretly, during day they have they are in village team.


The doctor get's to save a person every night, his goal should be to try and save the person who the werewolves chose to kill.


The villager's goal is try & identify the werewolves during the day mode discussions and vote them out.


The Seer get's to reveal a person's identity every night, his goal should be to try and use the information to influence the game in the favour of team villagers during the day.